PineBlog Demo

PineBlog an ASP.NET Core blogging engine

PineBlog a new blogging engine, light-weight, open source and written in ASP.NET Core MVC Razor Pages, using Entity Framework Core. It is highly extendable, customizable and easy to integrate in an existing web application.

Build Status NuGet Badge License: MIT


  • Super easy installation, basically add the NuGet package and you're done
  • Markdown post editor
  • File management
  • Light-weight using Razor Pages
  • SEO optimized
  • Open Graph protocol
  • Clean Architecture
  • Entity Framework Core, SQL database
  • Azure Blob Storage, for file storage
  • ..only a blogging engine, nothing else..

What is not included

Because PineBlog is very light-weight it is not a complete website, it needs to be integrated in an existing web application of you need to create a basic web application for it. There are a few things PineBlog depends on, but that it does not provide.

  • Authentication and authorization

Note: The admin pages require that authentication/authorization has been setup in your website, the admin area has a AuthorizeFilter with the default policy set to all pages in that area folder.

Where can I get it?

You can install the Opw.PineBlog metapackage from the console.

> dotnet add package Opw.PineBlog

Getting started

You add the PineBlog services and the RazorPages UI in the Startup.cs of your application.

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    // or services.AddMvcCore().AddPineBlogRazorPages();


A few properties need to be configured before you can run your web application with PineBlog.

    "ConnectionStrings": {
        "DefaultConnection": "Server=inMemory; Database=pineblog-db;"
    "PineBlogOptions": {
        "Title": "PineBlog",
        "Description": "A blogging engine based on ASP.NET Core MVC Razor Pages and Entity Framework Core",
        "ItemsPerPage": 5,
        "CreateAndSeedDatabases": true,
        "ConnectionStringName": "DefaultConnection",
        "AzureStorageConnectionString": "UseDevelopmentStorage=true",
        "AzureStorageBlobContainerName": "pineblog",
        "FileBaseUrl": ""


For more information, please check PineBlog on GitHub.

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